People that pinch others with their toes
Boy:She is such a Creepy Person
Girl: I know, it's gross.
by I-know-I'm-Crazy June 17, 2013
a creepy person is someone like Joe Biden who stalks young kids and likes kids jumping on his lap and loves to watch the kids come up from the pool and rub his blonde leg hairs up and down
Person A - why do you hang out with that a creepy person?
Person B - Because he is running for president
by duraflames August 17, 2020
Someone who is attracted to some one for over 3 years and does the whole "Let me just stare at them"thing while trying to get over how gorgeous this person is butt in the end they get more attracted to them and they do this so much to the person they they have been deemed a creepy stalker personand this creepy stalker person will run around warning everyone about them being one
Mary Grace:can you like stop staring at Kerry
Julio Ramiro III:sorry I'm just a creepy stalker person ,butt like if you want to help me get over her you is welcome to try
by DR.DeathDefying February 25, 2020