A classic 1980's John Hughes flick that chronicles the story of Samantha, a sixteen year old whose family has forgotten her birthday. Jake Ryan, the "perfect" guy in school, saves the day- saving Samantha from her sister's awful wedding, and buying her a birthday cake. This movie is famous for it's archetype characters- 'The geek'- Called either Farmer Ted, or the Geek, and played by Anthony Michael Hall, 'the perfect man'- Jake Ryan, played by actor/model Michael Schoeffling, and 'the awkward high school girl', played by Molly Ringwald. The character of Jake Ryan has grown extrememly popular over the years as an example of a perfect man- smart, rich, courteous, sweet, considerate- and one who breaks up with the curvy, beautiful head cheerleader for the gawky, awkward younger girl.
Girl- "I just saw Sixteen Candles today."
Friend- "And?"
Girl- "I want my own Jake Ryan."

by PunkRokinPromQueen April 23, 2006
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a john hughes movie, based in the town every other movie by him was, sherman illinois, as made fun of in dogma. the movie sucked but that long duck dong guy was hilarious.
harold: oh go back, that was sixteen candles, i love that movie.
kumar: yep, and the award for gayest thing ever said in this appartment goes to...Harold for saying that he likes sixteen candles
by the November 14, 2004
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its a play on words from the movie "sixteen candles." when an unattractive girl tries to get the a guy that is not on her level, 3-4 levels above hers.
hey man, that ashley girl won't leave me alone. damn man, she got that sixteen candles syndrome!!!
by HawafricanMan June 23, 2009
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