off the damn tookah
Bro I'm big high right now. How many L's did we even smoke
by BBBANDS March 03, 2018
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a small hick high school that is nothing but drama.
stud1:did you her jane doe is prego?
stu2:what? in big spring high no way!
stu1:well i heard it was with donna does boyfriend
stu1:dont tell anyone...haha jk
by bigspringcowgirl1 May 24, 2009
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School in Newville, Pennsylvania. Full of either wanna be rednecks or wanna be anime stars. No in between. Hunting is a priority and American flags hang on the backs of all the big Yee-Yee Trucks. In the middle of flipping nowhere and is practically hated by other schools. But hey-we got a dang good car smash and wooden ship burning every year for our LBJ parade*

Notable Facts - diss track by some kid from Boiling Springs (home of the Bubblers) was made for us. It was better than ours on them.

*Little Brown Jug. Rivalry between us and Shippensburg (wooden ship-get it). Football game every year and huge celebration. Winning team gets the jug for some reason. We lose almost every year. But car smash!
Kid - woah check out that dude in camo. Bet he’s a real good hunter
Other Kid - nah that’s just a Big Spring High School student livin’ his every day life
by BigSpringStudent2021 October 21, 2019
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Big bear is a small school where everyone dates everyone and is full of fake people
Big bear high school is as tiny as the guys penises and their egos is as big as the girls loose vaginas
by Suckmydick59274 January 29, 2018
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A school in rural Wyoming led by a wannabe dictator that takes it up the ass on the daily.
Big Piney High School could not be any worse but somehow it still is.
by AscendedProlapse May 13, 2017
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A high school in the middle of nowhere. Our school is filled with rednecks, wanna be anime stars, and everything in between.

We are so-so at football, and we have this thing called LBJ against Boiling Springs but we lose almost every year - but hey, car smash! Better than winning a tournament over our rivals!

So, yeah, there’s Big Spring for yah. Actually, I was being too harsh in the beginning; there are actually some people who have potential but others, oh no. And I was being harsh about the LBJ - to Boiling Springs. They win like every year.

Also, Morgan Mickle, who’s TikTok famous, goes there, so that’s cool. And, were in the same state as The Office. Getting in relationships basically counts on your ‘swag’ and ‘drip.’ So if you wear a hat backwards or wear a shirt with freakin’ roses on it, like Vans, and your a boy, your basically guaranteed a girlfriend. Unless your in a REAL relationship. Are other sports teams are actually very, very good though. Our principal, Mrs. someone (idk her name lol, she’s like unnoticeable), is very kewl and interesting.

So yeah. BSHS. Incredible stuff.
I go to Big Spring High School every day.
by dinobush February 13, 2020
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It is located in Burien WA and it is the most amazing school in the world. Focuses on the needs of students and their career choices. Helps students 1 on 1 to get that help that they truly need. Class sizes are small and they stay small. Tuesdays and Thursdays are internship days which is where students go out into the real world and experience hands on learning based on their interests. Definitely would recommend your child to go there!!!
It's a non-traditional high school - Highline Big Picture High School.
by BPFAM December 13, 2013
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