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A generic, covertly sarcastic response to a really stupid comment.
"My '88 Caddy is the hottest thing on the road, dude!"

"The hell you say."
by Patrick W. Crabtree January 09, 2008
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A British time machine that malfunctions at every level of performance.
Given all the trouble that Doctor Who has controlling the Tardis' destinations, they should have called it the reTardis.
by Patrick W. Crabtree January 15, 2008
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A leader of the large churches who broadcasts on television and consults with the President of the United States before going for a homosexual massage and a hit of Methamphetimine.
"The Methevangelist of our church says that God watches us mastubate."
by Patrick W. Crabtree November 06, 2006
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The mindset of a Baby Boomer who cannot mentally escape his or her personal 60s life experience.
"Man, that cat's Woodstuck -- he's still listening to Vanilla Fudge every day!"
by Patrick W. Crabtree January 06, 2008
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A rule, law, or other statute which has been bent, defied, and/or otherwise violated for the specific purpose of personally benefiting the perpetrator.
"Well, if a Hillarule is invoked, the Democrats in Michigan and Florida will actually have their 2007 primary election votes counted as valid."
by Patrick W. Crabtree April 14, 2008
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Old age senility evidenced by oral comments or writings which are as nostalgic as they are stupid.
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman...?" -- Clearly, old Slick Willie was conveying his Anec-Dotage.
by Patrick W. Crabtree January 27, 2008
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Any person who farts in a bathtub full of water and then sniffs the bubbles as they emerge. Also, a general reference, based upon this knowledge, to a dumbass.
He caught the clap from his girlfriend and she told him that he must have contracted it from a commode seat and he believed her - what a fartyx!
by Patrick W. Crabtree August 04, 2006
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