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Often refers to a girl, normally a Jewish who happens to always know everything... EVERYTHING
*she’s a know it all*
Not a Pozin “did you guys here about that new thing on tiktok”
Pozin “well actually I looked it up and it can kill you...”
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by Pa-the-tic May 23, 2020

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A school in Amherst New Hampshire where 90% of the student smoke weed and drink alcohol
“Bro your crazy what school do you go to”
by Pa-the-tic May 23, 2020

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What you call alcohol in front for your parents and possible snitches.

(Pairs nicely with the sone Chocolate Milk by kookookangaroo)
“Did anyone bring the chocolate milk?”
“Yeah don’t worry about it”
“Yo Brandon whatcha drinking?”
“Chocolate milk bro”
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by Pa-the-tic May 22, 2020

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What you call beer in front of snitches
“Yo Brandon what you got”
“Uhh Betty”
by Pa-the-tic May 21, 2020

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The funniest girl in the friend group.
She will ALWAYS make you laugh
“Tristan, don’t you think Phoebe is the funniest here”
“Yeah Grace, shes the funniest in the friend group”
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by Pa-the-tic May 23, 2020

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What you say when you are extremely disappointed in someone or there actions to be absolutely pathetic
Pa-the-tic is usually split up into 3 different syllables to add a prolonging effect.
For example, one may type
It can even be said in such a way
by Pa-the-tic February 16, 2021

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