An extreme sport involving straping rollerblades on your feet and doing stunts on urban environment. rollerblading is very underground in The United States, only know about by rollerbladers skateboards and some bikers. rollerblading was in the lime light int the mid and late 90s, but skateboarding felt threatened by how cool it could be, and put out a plethora of negative advertising stripping rollerblading of its fame at a time when it was really starting to progress. and now everyone thinks rollerblading and the people who do it are "gay", when really they're some of the coolest people out there, and rollerblading is now on a higher level than skateboarding and biking combined.
i was rollerblading on a roof top when i jumped off and landed backwards after doing two and a half rotations.

.And Rollerblading in no way is harder or easier than skateboarding, beacause we can do such crazy things the standards of rollerblading is set very high.
by MAT SHAN May 8, 2006
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rollerblading is a sport where tricks look gud and you can grind ledges higher that your ankles
by sam September 23, 2006
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Fucking awesome

Owns this metallilbangeR at life

Without a doubt the greatest sport known to man
"I'm'a rollerblader"

"Wow you truely own everyone at life...since rollerbladers are best"
by I'm cool June 28, 2005
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Rollerblading and Rollerblade are trademark brands of 'INLINE SKATES". Saying I went rollerblading is like saying I Keelex'ed the blood off his knee.

Inline skating is a multi-disciplined sport including

1) SPEEDSKATING (Inline Speedskating)
2) TRICK/VERT/AGGRESSIVE (The rails, curbs, ramps)
3) FIGURE SKATING (Typically on conventional 2x2 rollerskates)
4) ROLLER HOCKEY (hockey on conventional 2x2 rollerskates)
5) INLINE HOCKEY (hockey on inline skates)
6) JAM SKATING (competitive dance routines to modern music)
7) ROLLER DERBY (flat track or banked track)

And to the 'fruitbooters' remark... inline skating is a sport that's recognized by the Olympics--skateboarding is a popular fetish among 10-15 year olds who can't drive.
Chachy: I'm going rollerblading later
Sammy: Don't you mean you're going inline skating?
Chachy: Yeah, same thing I guess
by Athletes February 13, 2007
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A recreation that is characterized by the inability to bail out (as in skateboarding) or brake (as in bicycling). This makes even routine rolling an extreme sport unless there are no hills or traffic.

Stylistically, it is possible to be as dashing as Mercury, the winged-foot messenger god. However skaters are usually squatting and flailing their arms as they try to balance, so they end up looking pretty flamboyant.

Athletically, you can go for speed, skateboard style tricks, or dance moves with cones (slalom). Unless you have flat wide space, survival is usually challenge enough.
When rollerblading, always choose a route with no stop signs at the bottom of hills. And whatever you do, don't bend at the waist and flail your arms in circles like a complete fruit.
by TreeWeezel April 9, 2011
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When an obese woman lays on her stomach and bends her arms backwards causing her shoulder blades to come together. an man then puts his penis between her shoulder blades and begins thrusting back and forth thus causing his testicles to "roll" over her "blades".
Man i took that neck farter home last night and went rollerblading with her.
by ninjagoblin May 25, 2009
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A gay ass alternative to skateboarding. a.k.a fruitbooting. pussies that try to skateboard, and realize that its too hard convert to fruitbooting.
fruitbooter: wow look at me, i can jump so high with my blades on!!!

me: theyre attached to your fuckin feet, you idiot

fruitbooter: (starts crying) leave me alone.
by MetallilbangeR April 3, 2005
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