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a channel that used to show good rock videos, but now has turn into most of the same old things on mtv.
watch fuse instead.
heatguy J is now on mtv2. what happened to all videos all the time?
by ! February 16, 2004
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Started out in 1996 as M2, later MTV-2. The original plan was to bring back music videos since MTV dropped them. MTV-2 had a pretty decent variety. On January 1st 2001 it merged with The Box Music Network (which was a pay per view music video network seen on cable and Low Power TV stations) Not all that much changed other then the fact that they cross promoted it much more with MTV. In 2002, the boneheads at Viacom decided to start adding more rap and non music programming to the schedule. Fianlly they did it again. MTV-2 is now just another MTV with nothing but rap and shit shows. Then they re imaged the network with a tacky logo with 2 dogs. Instead of the video names being on the bottom left like most music videos, they flash them in the middle of the screen. They also flash pointless messages in the middle of the screen such as "Stop thinking about your hair" MTV-2 is now officially a big waste of bandwidth. Their website is also a worthless piece of shit.
MTV 2 was good. Now its shit.
by 1069 January 06, 2006
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Just as lame as the original Mtv
Why the hell did they invent MTV 2 if mtv wasn't good in the first place? ugh..
by kdsjfa April 22, 2006
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A channel that satisfied the demands of music video fanatics who where fed up with MTV's reality shows and other non-music-video related programming.

Unfortunately, MTV2 now plays some of the same shows that MTV does, making it almost unwatchable to the music video fanatic. Eventually, they'll need MVTV, a channel that only plays music videos.
"How come they don't play any videos anymore on MTV OR MTV2?"

"Either fewer artists are making fewer videos, or MTV is greedy and needs to make a few bucks selling their own shitty shows to a bunch of 15 year old girls who would jump from a bridge if you told them to."
by Testees May 07, 2004
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A channel made because MTV (1) does not show enough videos but shows nothing but bullshit shows such as real world, boiling points, diary, true life and other stupid shows. It aint as bad as MTV (1) but it isn't as good as vh1 is honestly, atleast vh1 shows more videos and has interesting shows.
John: Hey man wanna watch MTV?
Ron: Yea sure...
by Oz January 17, 2005
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mtv finds new home for their foul programing for the brainless masses
by me May 10, 2004
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