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A tacky, glittery knick-knack left in a randomly chosen public place.

A glamourbomb can range from a feather, a piece of paper with nausea-inducing sayings such as "the magickal faeries are among us", or even a shell. See also rubbish.
1. Hey look at my glamourbomb, I made it with some recycled toilet paper and the sprinkles of angels.

2. The glamourbombing faery nuts were out last night with their wings, but it was too late. My car had been decked with elven stars and the sunshine of dragons.

3. This pigeon feather glamourbomb should brighten anyone's day!
by Otherkin4Breakfast December 06, 2004
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The state of being overweight, unemployed and deluded. Draconic is a term applied to otherkin or dragon kin, who blame all their problems on being "in the wrong body", rather than their own laziness and inability to do something. Apparently facing reality and helping themselves is out of the question, especially when "a draconic soul burns brightly inside".
A Draconic person believes they have the spirit of a dragon, though some take it a step further and claim their physical bodies are partially that of a dragon. Sometimes draconic people claim to have the mental capacity of a dragon- since they're both non-existent, this much is true.
I am draconic, for though I look human, my spirit is that of a beautiful dragon goddess dancing on moon rays.
by Otherkin4Breakfast March 31, 2005
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A person's mental, "spiritual" or physical state of being a dragon.
Draconity refers to a person who believes they are a mythical fire-breathing reptile either mentally, spiritually or, incredibly, physically.

See also Otherkin and transspeciesed.
My draconity means I am not really a person, I am a wonderous dragon goddess-princess who has come in human form to mock you ignorant humans.
by Otherkin4Breakfast July 08, 2004
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See Otherkin. A person or persons who believes they are, in some sense, a dragon. This "belief" is a new fad (especially among the 14 year age group), generally used to help explain their own state of affairs.
1. This mundane world does not fit me, for I am dragon kin and dragon kin is I.

2. I am not actually a person, I am really a dragon kin.
by Otherkin4Breakfast July 10, 2004
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A 'derogatory' term applied to people by other people who think they are really mythical beasts trapped in human bodies.
These people (Otherkin) blame the hy00mans (also hoomans) for the pollution of the planet, and believe they are not responsible in any way for the sad state of the environment. See also idiot and Otherkin.

Not all Otherkin are created equal; for the pseudo-intellectual, enlightened, open-minded members of the Othersuck fellowship, insults such as 'normal' or 'mundane', when applied to humans, are the very height of comedy.
1. Says the Otherkin: "stoopid hy00mans, they are so cl0se-minded and are always causing wars. Look at how they're reaping our planet! I'm allowed to waste electricity, water, air and other resources but I AM NOT TO BLAME BECAUSE I AM REALLY A MYTHICAL BIRD-CAT, I am exempt from the rulez!!1"

2. The hy00mans were teasing the Otherkin because he came out in public, admitted he was a were-dragon in disguise, then told them all to mind their own business.
by Otherkin4Breakfast October 23, 2004
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A person who thinks whatever creation deity/ power they believe in stuffed up during their genesis and placed their soul into the wrong body. Usually, of course, they were meant to be far more powerful animals than humans (ie. dragons or large carnivores), leading one to the conclusion that invertebrate souls luckily always are placed in the correct body, as misplaced mosquitos are never encountered.
This self-made belief is typified by an incredible need for external validation and tolerance. The age of one transspeciesed is roughly 14, and most are incapable of stringing three words together without barraging the LJ reader with a dozen or more emoticons.
See also Otherkin and pseudo-intellectual.
1. I'm not a human, I'm a transspeciesed wolf.

2. I'm a gryphyn HURRRRRRRR *wingsn^ugglz gryph' huGGl3zz**!!!1 ^_^
by Otherkin4Breakfast June 27, 2004
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Typically, an overweight web designer (i.e. unemployed) adolescent who discovered the reason they were bullied as a child was due to the fact they are spiritually a reincarnated dragon, angel, vampire and/ or cack-faced unicorn demi-god, and not because almost all children are bullied at one stage or another.

Many otherkin have a deep resentment for humanity and preach mankind’s tyranny, while simultaneously claiming all discrimination is bad. Otherkin believe themselves separate from society and above the mundane stresses and problems of normal life. Otherkin generally believe themselves to have superior intelligence and see themselves are truly above our evil consumerist world.
Unsurprisingly, the number of otherkin popping up out of the woodwork after the advent of the Internet has swelled their ranks considerably.
1. Despite preaching tolerance for one another's belief, anyone who does not blindly share the otherkin belief becomes a narrow-minded mundane who is unable to think for themselves, despite the glaring contradiction.

2. The highly intelligent otherkin posted an apology to themselves on UD under another person’s alias in an attempt to win a one-sided crusade against the oppression of idiots worldwide.

3. My name is Drakonstar2000_babe, who lived a past life as a dragon, making me an otherkin. I am currently a gryphon living inside a human body, if you disagree then you are a close-minded hy00man.
by Otherkin4Breakfast March 07, 2005
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