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The feeling of one being a dragon spiritually. Can also be a belief.
Uh... website draconic is about draconity...
by Kaisaith October 10, 2003
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1. The belief that one's spirit is a dragon despite outer appearances suggesting the contrary.
2. The condition of one's spirit being "dragon" despite holding the physical form of "human".
See also: Otherkin Dragonkin Draconic
More info: The Draconity Resource Project -
by Toksyuryel March 06, 2005
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Draconity is the state of believing that one either possesses the spirit or soul of a dragon whether it was in their past life or in the present, or that one is a dragon manifest in physical appearance as well. Some individuals genuinely profess the belief in Draconity, in few cases even practicing and valuing it as a sacred faith(although it is rare). Others claim that they do so just because it sounds "cool" or because they are attention seekers.

There are two definitions of Draconity

1.)Genuine Draconity: Where one truly
values and takes the
the belief seriously
by more spiritual
means(dragon spirit
guides for example).

2.)False Draconity: Where one does not take
it seriously and mainly
practices the belief
based on unrealistic
fantasy RPing games.
John(true): Do you believe in Draconity
and in the existence of dragon
spirits Matt?

Matt(false): Why of course I do! I know
that I have super powers such
as fire, invincibility and-

John(true): You are not a true believer.

Matt(false): Says who John!? I play
Dungeons and Dragons almost
everyday! According to the
game I have unlimited super

John(true): You really believe that don't

Matt(false): Yes, level four says that if
I conjure a power-up spell, I
will be able to hover in
mid-air! To see if it will
work, I am going to jump off
of the roof of my house.

John(true): Dragon do exist in the spirit
realm and "are" real. However,
fantasy RPing "is not" real.
learn the difference between
fact and fiction. You Matt are
an idiot.

by Windstorm September 07, 2008
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A person's mental, "spiritual" or physical state of being a dragon.
Draconity refers to a person who believes they are a mythical fire-breathing reptile either mentally, spiritually or, incredibly, physically.

See also Otherkin and transspeciesed.
My draconity means I am not really a person, I am a wonderous dragon goddess-princess who has come in human form to mock you ignorant humans.
by Otherkin4Breakfast July 08, 2004
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Draconity is nothing but ridiculous, fucked up belief that someone is a dragon in human form (see other definitions).
That alone is worth of few lulz.

Unfortunately, draconity doesn't end in being stuck up, arrogant, self-centered asshole;
no, those sick fuckers are just as hateful, ego maniacal bigots like all furries.

Sometimes they're downright murderous if you mock them.
That, too, is worth of good amount of lulz.

And besides, dragons don't exist.
Draconity is laughable and retarded belief system.

by fuckdraconity July 10, 2008
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