n., v. a form of poetic terrorism, glamourbombing involves acts of random beauty, magic or wonder whose purpose is to raise ambient levels of glamour in the area; glamour being the unique magic of the fae. A glamourbomb is any public act or work that aims to inspire genuine curiosity and childlike befuddlement, a change of thought process, belief in magic, belief in the fae, and/or a sense of wonder in the recipient. Glamourbombing can involve anything you like and doesn't need expensive materials - leaving decorated notes "from the fae" amongst supermarket items or between the pages of library books, hanging seven-pointed elven stars in local trees, dressing in wings and the most bizarre outfit you can conjure up, or simple the message "believe in faeries" can all be glamourbombs. In fact, any attempt to add magic, curiosity and wonder to a place is a glamourbomb...... a lot like this entry. :3
You have been Glamourbombed!
by Spritedust May 15, 2004
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A tacky, glittery knick-knack left in a randomly chosen public place.

A glamourbomb can range from a feather, a piece of paper with nausea-inducing sayings such as "the magickal faeries are among us", or even a shell. See also rubbish.
1. Hey look at my glamourbomb, I made it with some recycled toilet paper and the sprinkles of angels.

2. The glamourbombing faery nuts were out last night with their wings, but it was too late. My car had been decked with elven stars and the sunshine of dragons.

3. This pigeon feather glamourbomb should brighten anyone's day!
by Otherkin4Breakfast December 7, 2004
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