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The state of being where one's soul or spirit is that of a dragon.
See also: otherkin draconity dragonkin
He may look human, but a draconic soul burns brightly inside of him.
by Toksyuryel March 06, 2005
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pertaining to the passage of the moon in its orbit through its nodes.
The draconic month is about 27.2122 days.
by Karl Palmen November 13, 2003
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The state of being overweight, unemployed and deluded. Draconic is a term applied to otherkin or dragon kin, who blame all their problems on being "in the wrong body", rather than their own laziness and inability to do something. Apparently facing reality and helping themselves is out of the question, especially when "a draconic soul burns brightly inside".
A Draconic person believes they have the spirit of a dragon, though some take it a step further and claim their physical bodies are partially that of a dragon. Sometimes draconic people claim to have the mental capacity of a dragon- since they're both non-existent, this much is true.
I am draconic, for though I look human, my spirit is that of a beautiful dragon goddess dancing on moon rays.
by Otherkin4Breakfast March 31, 2005
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