A 'derogatory' term applied to people by other people who think they are really mythical beasts trapped in human bodies.
These people (Otherkin) blame the hy00mans (also hoomans) for the pollution of the planet, and believe they are not responsible in any way for the sad state of the environment. See also idiot and Otherkin.

Not all Otherkin are created equal; for the pseudo-intellectual, enlightened, open-minded members of the Othersuck fellowship, insults such as 'normal' or 'mundane', when applied to humans, are the very height of comedy.
1. Says the Otherkin: "stoopid hy00mans, they are so cl0se-minded and are always causing wars. Look at how they're reaping our planet! I'm allowed to waste electricity, water, air and other resources but I AM NOT TO BLAME BECAUSE I AM REALLY A MYTHICAL BIRD-CAT, I am exempt from the rulez!!1"

2. The hy00mans were teasing the Otherkin because he came out in public, admitted he was a were-dragon in disguise, then told them all to mind their own business.
by Otherkin4Breakfast October 24, 2004
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