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10 definitions by Operator

Public service for the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, or Speech Disabled. Available through TTY, Mobile, and Internet.
My friend is Deaf, so she calls me with relay.
by Operator January 7, 2005
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To be a ninja and to pwn some f00
Soroush and Brandon ninjapwned everyone and then went home with scores of hot babes.
by Operator January 4, 2004
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Very similar to ninjapwn, it requires being a ninja. To ninjaslap is to bitchslap, chumpslap, and pwn all at once.
Soroush got free fries when he ninjaslapped that employee-lady at Whataburger, then brandon jackzored some of his free fries.
by Operator January 4, 2004
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Like pwn, except rwn. Can be big pwnage.
d00d, i got rwned by that cop. is it really illegal to drive through peoples backyards?
by Operator April 15, 2004
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A Enormous Boner OF Catastrophic and in rare cases even BIBLICAL PROPORTIONS!!!
I have a Raging Boner!! AHHH!!!
by Operator October 7, 2004
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A texan bastardization of "another". Used in context with "a whole..." when "other" would sound dumb.
1337 f0015 speak a whole nother language. Move 'zig'.
by Operator July 2, 2004
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Guard mentality is the mentality of a person on a defense oriented state of mind. He (or she) interprets sentances stated towards the person in a negative or insulting manner.
Dude that guy there has a total guard mentality
by Operator May 13, 2004
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