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a machine that travels at unreal speeds of 200mph (mach 0.25) and is capable of cutting a pickup in half, ending multiple lives simultainiousely.
Susuki GSXR or,gixxer
Honda CBR
Yamaha R1
Kawasaki ZX-R
by OnyxO September 4, 2004
any motorcycle with two brake disks on the front wheel.
SUZUKI GSXR see gixxer

look closely at the front wheel of a bike; if it has a brake disk on BOTH sides it can be considered a crotchrocket.
by OnyxO September 4, 2004
for *PLAYERS ONLY* see; kmart just another place to go
swing thrugh slow so you dont miss any thing
by OnyxO September 4, 2004
A Superbike is a motorcycle used for racing in the "American Motorcycle Assosiation Superbike Challenge".
Spelled with a lowercase 's' it refers to the consumer version of the racing motorcycle.
Yes, the competing manufacturers actualy produce the racing machines to sell to consumers (equiped with turn signals for street use).
You could say that, advertising a company name through racing is profitable but,
selling the actual racing bike is more profitable.
Suzuki GSXR
Kawasaki ZX-R
Honda CBR
Yamaha FZR
by OnyxO August 29, 2004
motorcycle known as a gixxer which is a death machine capable of unreal speeds and corners better the faster you go.
"i rode on the back of OnyxO's Suzuki and it looked like the cars were going backwards on the interstate."
by OnyxO August 28, 2004
-a motorcycle specificaly designed to kill the rider.
-a wast of money. just buy a glock 9mm pistol (which, like the tomahawk, is specificaly designed to kill human beings) and give the rest of the money to your relatives.
get a clue..... it's called the *TOMAHAWK*..........that should send a message. the name alone is a disclaimer
by OnyxO August 29, 2004