motorcycle known as a gixxer which is a death machine capable of unreal speeds and corners better the faster you go.
"i rode on the back of OnyxO's Suzuki and it looked like the cars were going backwards on the interstate."
by OnyxO August 28, 2004
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One of the oldest and most respected motorbike racing brands to come out of Japan.
charaterised by yellow,white and black graphics, and world famous for there outstanding 2-strokes.
Suzuki cannot be compared to Yamaha as readily as Honda, Kawasaki, KTM etc.
becasue Suzuki minaly specialises in kick ass 2-strokes. and Yamaha make gay 4-strokes.
Nothin better than a SUZUKI.
top quality, performance, and handling.
anyoen to debate this obviosuly doenst know how to take care of their bike properly!
My SUZUKI pissed all over Tom's new KAWASAKI.
by Camo March 29, 2005
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A dirtbike that is a pile of shit dung waste. Usually driven by underage kids who aren't old enough to own a real ride like a 4x4. They think they have opinions and can hang with the big dogs on 4x4 boards.
Ye, that's Exactly what I think Alex.
by BinBad March 28, 2005
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His suzuki is a peace of shit!
by yammi rider February 28, 2016
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Common choice of ride amongst wellhung Motorcycle riders. Owners tend to be more skilled and less full of bullshit then other riders ie, Honda, Yamaha
Moto Heaven, Not for the faint hearted nor limp wristed. R1 riders need not apply.
by hisee June 23, 2004
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The act of denying someone a valid warranty based on intentionally deceitful and malicious practices.

Based on several incidents of fraud like activity that a certain car company may or may not have been busted with in the last few years
me: That TV that I bought yesterday does not work at all. It doesn't even turn on. Even worse, when I tried to get it fixed they gave me the whole Suzuki routine.
friend: Aw! You got Suzuki'd
by JGuy The Great! February 26, 2011
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To own a bike which causes you to masturbate profusely, likes to think itself better than other motorcycles. Well known degenerates ride Suzuki's.
I just bought a Suzuki and man are my hands tired.......

Man that dude had a real Suzuki going on....

by The Phantom Honda rider April 19, 2006
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