motorcycle made by honda, thers 125cc, 250cc, 400cc, 600cc, 929cc, 954cc, 1000cc, 1100cc versions of the bike.
SAM: hey jake lemme ride ur CBR600!
JAKE: screw u man
by sb9889 June 9, 2006
Designator found on the best motorcycles ever made.
I ride a CBR. I am god.
by Anonymous September 28, 2003
Stands for Captive Bead Ring. Looks like a barbell but instead of two balls it has one ball in the center and is fully closed. Can be worn in almost any piercing.
"I need a 10g CBR"
by Shinku July 20, 2003
Cock Block Rock
in other words, a best friend (a rock) who prevents you from hooking up with another or engaging in sex.
"Justin, can you be my CBR? There's a creeper tryin to talk to me."
by RealGoodFriend November 23, 2009
a chicken and bacon ranch sub from subway, possible the godliest sub ever created.
ill have extra cheese on my CBR sandwich of godlieness.

CBR or die.

of course i want my CBR toasted you newb!

what do you want on the CBR?
tomates? frankies?
lets just skip on to the ranch sauce.
by Fairf November 23, 2007
Sportbike model designation manufactured by Honda from 1987 to 2006. Original name was CB for "City Bike" which was followed with CBR or "City Bike Racer". These super sport sportbikes are praised for their durability, comfort, performance, and useful powerbands. The last model was the CBR600F4i. The CBR line has since 2006 been discontinued and only RR or "Race Replica" models are currently available in the 600cc engine.
CBR does not stand for Crotch Bike Rocket.
by ElectricLadyLand August 20, 2009
Cock Blocking Robot:

A friend, usually a female, who deliberately cock blocks you for their own sick pleasure.
ah mate... she's such a CBR!
by TheStooge November 19, 2010