if music was taken away i would be so so sad if the music dept went away like seriously i might just curl into a little ball and pee myself i would drag my body across a mile of broken glass to keep the music i <3 music 4 everr.
"why does the music dept. have to go"
by adri sulli December 8, 2011
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Norwich Fire, The best damn fire dept around!!!
Norwich Station, Norwich Monitors
by B. Ballin September 16, 2003
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a group of assholes with the Dumont mentality that don't know shit about fire because they never see any, and think that beating demarest first due to a fire alarm is the same as demarest beating haworth to a mutual aid fire in closter when haworth was covering them. Alvarez Mcgloin, and Hayes are useless
haworth fire dept sucks
by demarestisbetter. September 1, 2008
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a volunteer fire company/ dept. in Westons Mills New York. The members put on really good monthly dinners, bingos, chicken bbqs, and more.
The fire dept did not compare as well Westons Mills Fire Dept. did
by devilslilangel21 March 29, 2012
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Los angeles police Dept. abbreivated at LAPD. is the police department of los angeles and has served the city since 1869. with 9,974 sworn officers as of 2020. they have 6,000 patrol vechicles often works with California Highway Patrol (CHP) the vechicles use mainly Ford explorers
by Ilovecops September 21, 2020
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Owo dept refers to when you owe someone owo cash in discord and dont have enough to pay them back
"look at that guy unable to pay back the 100k owo cash he lent, hes in owo dept"
by ilikemeth333 January 5, 2022
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Coastal Fire Dept. are a grungy altrock band from the Vale parish of Guernsey who play their own brand of music often referred to as “Grunge from the Vale”. CFD love the north of the island of Guernsey and love to party.
“Have you see Coastal Fire Dept. yet?” “Nah I’d rather watch Britain’s Got Talent or Antiques Roadshow than Coastal Fire Dept.”
by Prince of L’islet May 8, 2022
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