A hybrid street motorcycle that is highly modified particulary for use racing. This term has been around since circa 1969 and Webster has failed to publish it.
I watched World Superbike racing last night on the Speed channel
by Mark December 15, 2003
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A Superbike is a motorcycle used for racing in the "American Motorcycle Assosiation Superbike Challenge".
Spelled with a lowercase 's' it refers to the consumer version of the racing motorcycle.
Yes, the competing manufacturers actualy produce the racing machines to sell to consumers (equiped with turn signals for street use).
You could say that, advertising a company name through racing is profitable but,
selling the actual racing bike is more profitable.
Suzuki GSXR
Kawasaki ZX-R
Honda CBR
Yamaha FZR
by OnyxO August 29, 2004
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1. A super bike with an Indian man replacing most of the bike parts

2. A sex position where one partner is in the doggy style position and puts a dildo right side up on their back
Jack: "I just bought the yak superbike off of the dark web."

Emily: "Me and Brandon are gonna try yak superbike tonight"
Claire: "The bike, or the sex positon?"
by earlxsweat_pog January 28, 2021
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