The act of two people staring at each other in such a lustful way they might as well be doing it.
"You so had eye sex with him!"
"I am no longer a eye sex virgin."
by dorkwad March 20, 2003
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Eye sex can only happen if your partner has lost at least one eye. You insert the penis into her/his empty eye hole and fuck it. You can also do with a healthy person with 2 eyes, but this would be very painful and could result in severe eye damage, so it is not recommended.
James: Hey Ian, so I heard your gf lost an eye in an accident! This is horrible! I feel so sorry for her.
Ian: Nah man, its alright, we can now have eye sex!
by Sir Asbestos November 8, 2020
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Staring at someone so lustfully that you might as well be having sex with them.
Anytime Richard Castle and Kate Beckett look at each other, a part of you wants to scream "eye sex!" at your television
by SlayerMcG December 20, 2010
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how merlin and arthur look at each other
Merlin: *Stares at Arthur*
Arthur: *Stares at Merlin*
Gwen: This is my husband Arthur, and this is my husband's boyfriend Merlin.
Merlin and Arthur: *Continue with the eye sex*
by The cat that smiles back July 19, 2019
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ogling or staring at desirously, imagining sex. usually with a hot or rather spiffy member of the opposite or same sex. (which ever you prefer)
Me and brandon definitely had eye sex last night at the basketball game.
by told ya i'd do it May 10, 2007
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Staring into another's eyes wistfully as though you'd like nothing more than to grab them by the hair and lay a heavy one on. Followed by jumping upon said person and having your wicked way with them!
FanGirl Gina: Dean and Cas DO NOT have the hots for each other.
FanGirl Dina: Gin-Gin, you are soooo wrong. All you gotta do is tune in to every episode of Supernatural to view the rigorous Eye!Sex happening there!
by sbenne February 23, 2014
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eye contact that withstands a time period longer than the casual encounter. eye contact that signifies: come hither.
Jane: That guy over there wants me.
Mary: How do you know?
Jane: We just had 5 full seconds of eye-sex!
by DoSc August 14, 2006
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