14 definitions by OliverS

Hair growth formula that comes in a black bottle.
Bigfoot bathes in "Rogaine"
by OliverS May 7, 2005
A masturbation technique in which you grab your dick from the left side rather than the right (if you're right-handed).You rotate your wrist so your thumb is pointing down, and you sometimes have to pull your penis to the side a little bit. And then you would jack off.
I walked in on my friend doing "the backhand" to himself and he crapped himself.
by OliverS May 5, 2005
A good drink with a splash of gin , a clear liquor, and tonic a gross bitter tasting water that is bad without gin. A hint of lemon or lime will enhance the taste though.
When Johnny goes to bars he orders a great drink, "gin & tonic".
by OliverS May 5, 2005
The way a person with a lisp would say "lisp".
Guy with lisp: Hey can I jutht grab a theat, pleathe. Do you guyth really think I 'ave a whithp?
by OliverS May 5, 2005
A brass-colored mineral, FeS2, occurring widely, used as an iron ore and used in producing sulfur dioxide for sulfuric acid. Also known as fool's gold because it looked like gold and people used to think it was.
When the miners struck the jackpot of pyrite they thought it was gold, they tried to sell it for big bucks and then it was tested after bought from them, and then the miners were shot by the buyers.
by OliverS May 15, 2005
Although he may be wrinkly, he is foxy, and he is a GFILF.
by OliverS May 7, 2005
To fire one off is to take a crap.
I hadn't crapped for a month, until I couldn't hold it in any longer and I then just fired one off.
by OliverS May 7, 2005