A brass-colored mineral, FeS2, occurring widely, used as an iron ore and used in producing sulfur dioxide for sulfuric acid. Also known as fool's gold because it looked like gold and people used to think it was.
When the miners struck the jackpot of pyrite they thought it was gold, they tried to sell it for big bucks and then it was tested after bought from them, and then the miners were shot by the buyers.
by OliverS May 15, 2005
a delusional fan of an eastern NC university, that thinks they should be in the SEC because of their inferior sports teams. You see this most during the football season. They have trouble beating universities and colleges from the piedmont of NC as well.
Pyrit: Man... we should be in the SEC

Realistic fan: dude we suck, lets go rock out on an amish rocking chair

Pyrit: Did you remember to freeze the turds?

Realistic fan: Yep all set, lets start rockin!
by BallsDeepInICS November 15, 2011
the name given to a troll that shills for bitcoin in internet discussions, and whose behavior toward others is always toxic when those discussions might have any hint of negativity about bitcoin; usually posts under a pseudonym or anonymously; most often found in discussion forums such as Slashdot and Reddit, and/or article comment sections. They'll often write in support of/upvote their own replies using sockpuppet accounts. They are also sometimes referred to as a Bitcoin Cultist or Bitcoin Maximalist.

Gets their name for two reasons:

1. they often compare all forms of currency other than bitcoin as being as worthless as the mineral pyrite in their arguments when shilling for bitcoin
2. they themselves are chasing the "fool's gold" (bitcoin) in religious/cultist ways

Some believe that no self-respecting bitcoin owner would waste their time to make their arguments to people whom they consider "a lost cause" themselves, and since most of these troll posters keep replying in discussions with the same tired arguments concocted in their echo chambers ad infinitum (i.e. to always get the last word), it is thought that these posters are simply poor people getting paid by said bitcoiners per post, likely in Dogecoin.
We were having a discussion about Ethereum, so naturally a Pyrite Pete came along to claim we were all wrong.
by AL Katraz July 21, 2021
A derogatory slur for any supporter of the bitcoin technology with no regard for context or reasoning. Most often used by trolls, wall street coke fiends, people invested in the various knock-off technologies or existing financial system establishment.
Bitcoin supporter in response to Etherium Hack Bitcoin remains the only major cryptocurrency solution with no known security flaws despite being the highest profile hacking target in the world. Troll ReplyLOL Another bitcoin boomer L0s3r. Pyrite Pete strikes again!
by shaitand August 2, 2021
Pyrite code is what occurs when a finished program is subjected to constant tinkering and updates, resulting in frequent glitches and bugs. The term stems from gold code, which is what programmers call a finished program, minus any patches or fully-formed updates; the code is golden. Pyrite is also known as fool's code.
"Man, Skype is so messed up now, it's full of pyrite code."
"AOL back in the day was totally pyrite code."
by Windthin June 18, 2016
a disingenuous and fake disposition.

Opposite: Heart of Gold.
"I thought that he was a nice guy but he's got a heart of pyrite."
by Matt Windle poet March 14, 2021