6 definitions by Ogyogurt

When someone gives you tid bits of information on someone or something as to manipulate your feelings and opinions about it. It is a shady way to behave and used by the most opportunistic of individuals.

The information is always for their benefit because they don’t care about you. No authentic person breadcrumbs.
Casey is always breadcrumbing. She only tells part of the story and wants me to hate Jonathan. What a fake friend!
by Ogyogurt January 26, 2022
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When someone identifies as a person of color but it’s clear they are just white
Woah Vicky identiflyz as black. Stupid b&$@“
by Ogyogurt January 9, 2022
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When someone claims they identify as a poc when they are clearly white
Rachel dozal got away with being a leader in the NAACP because she identifly as black. Smh
by Ogyogurt January 10, 2022
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A cute dog. Usually a bulldog or Shar pei
Oh look at that poot! That’s a cute poot!
by Ogyogurt July 28, 2018
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a phone parted together from different iPhone models
My iPhone broke so I had to make a Frankenphone From my girlfriends old iPhone that got wet and exploded
by Ogyogurt December 17, 2018
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1.)When you grow out the hairs on your ass and then comb them over your genitalia as to look like real hair
2.) Jair Bolsonaro
I’m going to go get a Brazilian trump
Don’t vote for him he’s just a Brazilian trump
by Ogyogurt December 16, 2018
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