Shar is a genius, a god and goddess with a nice ass
by Moobro November 15, 2017
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Originating from Montgomery County, Maryland and a few individuals of AEHS Class of 2004, it's a combination of "Shit" and "Rawr" (Roar).

Shit + Rawr = Shar

Commonly used to emphasize anger, frustration, annoyance, and just about anything really.

Shar can also be used as a verb in different aspects. Refer to the last example for this.
Agent A: Maaaaaaaan ... my roommate is such an asshole. He cockblocked me while I was flirting with Anna from down the hall... ShaR~!

The child exclaimed shar in response to everyone's ignorance.

Are you shar you are going to take a shar-ar now?
by layinlowfoo April 14, 2005
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A candidate for a Chinese magazine contest that is even more overhyped than the movie Matrix:Revolutions and will suck just as bad. (In more ways than one)
Stop fuckin telling me to vote for Shar
by Nissannazi December 9, 2003
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Hottest man, his tall, handsome, smart a god, and really sexy, even if he does not mean to, you should enjoy his company and his really kind, and is rarely mad and he really never swears, if you know a shar in your life keep him as a close friend
OMG is that shar?
by __facts_poster__ February 10, 2022
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A girl who attracts other girls.
Sarah: Ewww, that girl is totally checkin' you out.
Trina: I know, *sigh* I'm such a shar shar
by Pokey July 20, 2004
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lethenian god; god. master of the lethenian race, head of the fellowship.
oh my shar! for shar's sake.
by loyallethenian December 28, 2005
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