A person who is good at their job but only got it because of his/her parent's influence. (Named after realtor Ivanka Trump, whose father is Donald Trump.)
He never went to college but is a VP at his mother's company. What an Ivanka!
by Shpouple June 30, 2010
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The woman at wprk today was useless and as it was a school i couldn't call her a dumb fucking bitch so i called her am "IVANKA".
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Cunt. Used euphemistically to describe a person who is selfish, oblivious or just plain nasty in their actions.
He's such a nasty little Ivanka!
by Agent57 June 10, 2018
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A physical condition characterised by red, oozing sores, pustules and a particularly foul-smelling odour.
The severed limb was discovered in thick brush, and had deteriorated due to the onset of Ivanka.
by Brandon Storey November 9, 2018
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An Eastern Europen woman who is usually anti Black Lives Matter, anti mask, upset about protests, thinks she has no white privilege because she had a hard life in Russia, and generally thinks black people are lazy thugs who are to blame for the looting of her favorite high end stores.
That lady sure showed her true Ivanka with her response to the questions when asked about the protests.
by Niralov July 11, 2020
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