A coloured silicone band that you put around your wrist. They were made for charities to increase donations.
Now some sick b******s are making fakes just to make money and people everywhere buy them and don’t give a s**t about the charities!!!
(A beutiful idea that has been abused in an ugly way) For Shame...
Beat Bullying = Blue
Livestrong = Yellow
Anti Racism = Black & White
CF Trust = Purple
Make Poverty History = White

etc... (hundreds more)
by ollie a May 1, 2005
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a circular piece of rubber you buy and put around your wrist to make you feel better about yourself. Although the money can often end up in rather stange places like ebay seller accounts, Nike (if you're aware of racism) or who knows where (make poverty history as it wasn't designed to make money apparently).

They can help stop skin cancer as they stop UV rays reaching your skin
hey I got a Livestrong wristband to show cancer awareness! You don't have one...are you not aware of cancer?
by Chris Whittaker December 27, 2005
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A term applied to girls that look/dress/act older than their age who should be forced to wear a wristband (like the ones given out at clubs) so you can tell whether they are over 18 or not.
Used either as a warning from one man to another that the girl may be underage

Example 1:

Will: Check out the booty on that chick!
Matt: I dunno man, that one needs a wristband

or as an exclamation to draw attention to the girl.

Example 2:

(Hot, Young Girl Walks By)
by Zots3000 August 20, 2009
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A Wristband Raver is someone who says they rave but they only go to ticketed DNB events at their local sweaty nightclub
you're not a real raver you're a wristband raver
by basketsareus April 11, 2019
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An Australian moniker for the under-aged at music festivals. Refers to the purple wristband they must wear to identify them as under-aged and unable to buy alcohol. Most often attractive females and commonly associated with seedy old (and young) men creeping nearby.
Oi, look at that purple wristband", "Where?", "You bloody creep!
by noishdog December 6, 2010
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When you take a used condom and suck out all the cum, and then you use the condom as a wristband.
"Dana is so nasty, she loves when I give her a frosty wristband for her birthday."
by dirtydanathemechanic August 26, 2015
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A sad and rather pathetic person who goes to as many music festivals and concerts as their parents can afford. Not for enjoyment, or love of the music but so that they can show off their tatty collection of wristbands along with their tan at the end of the summer.
Penelope: "The red one's from Reading and the green one's from Glastonbury. The purple one's from this darling little place in Italy that I went to whilst Daddy was on a business trip there"
John: "Which band did you like best then?"
Penelope: "Band? Huh?"
John: "Gah - you are such a Wristband Collector"
by Bunny Phluff March 13, 2008
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