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If you need to choose somebody for something, here's what to do.Count out the exact number of people that want to be chosen for something.Get some straws. Make sure they are not bendy straws, though.Be careful to only get as many straws as there are people that want to be chosen, if you get too many straws or not enough, this will not work. So anyway, get a straw for each person, but cut the bottom inch off of one of the straws. Have the group choose who will hold the straws (you can decide this also by drawing straws, but that will create a straw drawing cycle that can be endless, so I don't recommend it). The person that holds the straws moves them around in his/her hands a good deal, being careful to hide the bottom of the straws from view, and carefully mixes them around.Then, everybody grabs a straw, but the 'straw holder' has to go last, as it's possible he/she might be able to feel the length of the straws, and we want this to be fair.After everyone has finished 'drawing straws', everybody compares the length of thier straws to others, and the person who is discovered to be holding the 'short straw' is 'chosen'.
Drawing straws is a fair way to choose somebody for something.
by Nastina August 29, 2005
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I have seen "The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift" and they show what drifting is in the movie. Drifting is apparently going really, really fast, so fast, in fact, that you burn up your tires and careen haphazardly into other cars and/or buildings and/or pedestrians, all in a puff of smoke!
lame girl: "I think drifting is so cool! It makes my tires smoke and then I crash into things!"
smart girl: "You must have a really boring life, dweeb."
by Nastina June 23, 2006
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General Assistance.Welfare for adults with no dependant children.
"Hey, Mom! Give me a ride to the Welfare Office.Since I just turned 18, I gotta go get my G.A.!"
by Nastina July 15, 2005
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What happens to your thumb after playing 2 or more consecutive hours of video games, especially games where you have to continuously tap buttons to get up and/or use the analog sticks.A blistered, red sensitive thumb. See nintendo thumb and playstation thumb.
If you play a Def Jam game, game thumb is a given. Bet on it.
by Nastina September 07, 2005
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The 'winner' of season 4 American Idol. She can now be seen warbling on TV 24hours a day as the spokesidiot for Hershey bars in those incessant commercials, which is why I now watch 90% less television.Think Leann Rimes with a third of her talent, drunk, and sleepy, and you get Carrie Underwood.
oh, dear lord, please turn of the television! carrie underwood is making my eyes and ears bleed! ACCCKKKK!!!!
by Nastina August 24, 2005
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Controversial book written by Superhead, aka Karrine Steffans, noted dick-sucker and video-ho. Alot of rappers are mad, because she talks about how she gave them head and they don't want thier wives to find out. She keeps the identity of only one of the many rappers she sucked-up secret, she refers to him as "Papa" in the book. Many people are wondering who "Papa"is.
Book enthusiast 1: "Have you read 'Confessions of a Video Vixen' Yet?"
Book enthusiast 2: "Yes, I finally broke down and got it cuz it was on sale! I had to go take a shower after I read it, though! What a nasty slut!"
by Nastina June 08, 2006
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Saggy, droopy titties that look like long loaves of frenchbread, normally found on ugly overweight girls who dress provacatively to advertise the fact that they are complete sluts.
My former friend has a disgusting pair of baguettes.If your cleavage continues down to your belly button, you have baguettes,so do the world a favor and cover those uglies up!
by Nastina August 14, 2005
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