44 definitions by Nastina

2-negro, nigga
1-"Hook me up with some tightass niggarows!"
2-"What's crackalackin, niggarow?"
by Nastina August 06, 2005
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Somebody with WAY too many facial piercings. If you have both eyebrows, your tongue, AND more than one piercing in your lip, you are a pierceaholic and you look like an idiot.
Pierceaholics are usually, but not always, employed at your local tattoo and piercing parlor.Sometimes they are just gothic.
"Did you see that pierceaholic? What a tool!"
by Nastina July 16, 2005
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Something to say instead of 'hell no' that is funny because it sounds so stupid.
Popularized by Whitney Houston on 'Being Bobby Brown'.
I say-"Crack is whack."
Whitney says-"Hell to the no!"
by Nastina August 03, 2005
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It's a game! You can play with 2 or more players.This is how you play:
First, pick someone to 'seek'.You can do this by flipping a coin if you are playing with only two players. If you are playing with three or more players, everybody will have to mutually decide who will seek,or you can draw straws. Next, the person who is the 'seeker' has to find a corner, cover his eyes, and face the wall and start counting (I recommend counting to 30,but you can also count to 45 or 100 if you want). While the 'seeker' is busy counting, the 'hider(s)' will hide. When the 'seeker' is finished counting, he will commence 'seeking' for the 'hiders'. The winner is the person who is found last in a hide-and-seek game of three or more, and the winner of a two-person game would naturally be the 'hider', no matter what, as he wins basically by default.
Oh, man! You've GOTTA play
hide-and-seek!It's really cool!
by Nastina August 29, 2005
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Get back is when your bf cheats on you, but you stay with him anyway,but you don't forgive and you can't forget, so you 'get back' at him.
This is how it's done: you tell the guy you wanna fuck (Sancho) that your bf cheated on you, so you wanna get back at him, but you still want to be with your boyfriend and you are just interested in sex, but nobody can ever know, so he must be discreet. Sancho will agree, cuz guys love sex, and they will do it under any circumstances, for any reason. You have now found 'the other man'.Enjoy fucking him for months, possibly years, behind your boyfriend's back, all the while bf never suspects a thing because HE is the cheater, not sweet little you.Get back sex is great, cuz it's forbidden,vengeful, and gives you variety, which, trust me, will give you multiple orgasms like never before.
"Get back isn't cheating, it's get back.He did it first!"
by Nastina August 09, 2005
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A great magazine for neo-feminists, with articles on women's issues, fashion, make-up, and celebrity features.Glamour is also known for thier dos & don'ts, where they photogragh people walking down the street to show examples of fashion dos and don'ts.
"Glamour says: wearing head-to-toe leopard print is definitely NOT a do!"
by Nastina August 24, 2005
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A place in the mall where ugly girls go to get thier picture taken. Glamour shots has a make-up artists on site to make you up before they take your picture.After the glamour shots treatment, most girls leave with photos making them look like ugly drag queens instead of mere ugly girls.
"OMG, I started laughing when Nicole showed me her glamour shots.I just couldn't keep it in, she really thinks she's cute!"
by Nastina August 24, 2005
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