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Science fiction you can watch without neccessarily being a nerd.
I watched Star Wars last night and it was awesome as always. Then I went to bed and dreamt of something other than Star Wars. The next morning I went to work and didn't think about Star Wars all day. That night I went to a party and didn't talk about Star Wars once.
by NINny May 5, 2003
An asin that wear all black(black coat, black/white shirt, and dress pants) usually hangs with a huge group of asians
That guys dress like a asian prep
by NINny February 22, 2004
A campy TV series about vampires. Has alternated between being ass-kickingly cool and ass-suckingly lame in the seven or so years it's been on television.
"Buffy? It's ok I guess."
by NINny May 12, 2003
That which I am forced to use due to the fact that the Internet in this country is one big screw-job (and that's just dialup, don't even get me started on broadband. Lack of competition doth suck mightily for the end consumer.)
gAyOL will continue to provide a connection for my external browser until I can get a decent job to make enough money to sign up with a real ISP.
by NINny September 1, 2003
Half - Life is the second best, genre be fucked. Of course, this is all just personal opinion...
by NINny September 1, 2003