hits people for you , its awesome you should hire one sometime
1:hey man i hate you...i want to punch you in the face

2:no problem just hire a Hitman
by Xx_NoobProkiller420_xX January 13, 2021
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A person, usually male (thus the "man" part) who kills for money. The suave, suit-wearing type romanticized by movies and video games are a rare breed these days, if not completely nonexistant (except maybe in governmental capacities.) Hired assassins are never suave, and they rarely wear suits.
A greasy tattoo-covered ex-con with a pot-belly and a pony tail stabbed me seven times as I walked down my street. I didn't even see him coming because I was looking out for a guy in a suit! lol!
by NINny November 7, 2003
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Awesome game series depicting the career of 'Codename 47', the highest paid assassin in the world. Highly realistic games with many elements involved, the most obvious one being stealth. Bucketloads of weapons to choose from and heaps of missions to get through.
Lets play Hitman, I want to kill a Sicilian Mafia boss.
by Rohan November 17, 2003
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"Ryan was choked to death by a hitman using fiber-wire"
by Devil May Cry July 23, 2003
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If someone hates you and wants you dead they will hire a hitman to come and kill you for money.
Ruby: I fucking hate you Rebecca!
Rebecca: are you intimidated you bitch, be jealous of my hair all you want.
Ruby(later that night): I’m borrowing your phone dad!!
Hitman Rogers: On it, she’s a cunt.
Rebecca’s bitch of a mum the next day: Rebecca will no longer be attending school.
by WeReadYourWordsInMathClass November 5, 2019
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Codeword often used for reconnaissance marines.
Usually combined with numbers to make a differance between the commander (Hitman actual), squad or specific soldier (Hitman 2-4)
Hitman 3-1 this is Hitman actual, maintain speed maintain direction
by FATH July 20, 2009
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slang for a homosexual male who is paid by his female friends to molest their cheating boyfriends
Guy 1: Dude, are you alright? You're really pale.
Guy 2: No man, I just found out my ex hired a hitman to butt rape me, he's searching for me as we speak.
Guy 1: That sucks...
by SigurJ February 6, 2009
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