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an internet provider with the powers to freeze ones computer with pop-ups and kick disconnect internet serivce for no reason
damn GAyOL, I got kicked off again
by RustyT March 27, 2004
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The original version of AOL. AOL originally rolled off hundreds of discs entitled 'gAyOL v1.0 - Unstable Release', as one of the employees in the disc printing department accidentally opened the template and forgot to rename it to 'AOL'. Although, all versions of 'AOL' are built from the 'Unstable Release' of 'gAyOL'. Because of this, AOL will never be a stable application and will always be slow, overpriced, and 'user-friendly'.
Jesus Christ man! Just close gAyOL, uninstall it, and then use an IRC client to connect to a good IRC server.
by akusarujin February 06, 2003
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also known as AOL, the shittiest connection to the internet that you can have, even if you have a dsl modem or whatever, because the program is stupid adn is only happy with itself when it shuts down, also known as "the eater of RAM"
"my computer runs fine till i open up gayOL, then it runs just like that stupid program for like 8 days"
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That which I am forced to use due to the fact that the Internet in this country is one big screw-job (and that's just dialup, don't even get me started on broadband. Lack of competition doth suck mightily for the end consumer.)
gAyOL will continue to provide a connection for my external browser until I can get a decent job to make enough money to sign up with a real ISP.
by NINny September 01, 2003
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an insult given to AOL be cause it sucks so bad and is really slow.
my friend has Comcast high speed internet and in stuck with this slow ass Gay-OL.
by anonymous February 06, 2005
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