Short term for Nine Inch Nails. It is a very popular rendition of Industrial music which is almost completely run by music god Trent Reznor.
"Dude, NIN is by far greater than that poser crap you listen to Eddy. What was it again? KoRn?"
by Bradley Nowell December 24, 2003
a close friend or someone you enjoy
I love my nin” “thats my nin”
by nunbutathangg February 19, 2019
a replacement word that replaces anything in the whole freaking world that college kids just dont get.
by Ninner 4545 January 27, 2010
Short for Nintendo, a type of video game.
1. a Nintendo video game system
2. verb- to play a nintendo game.
Let's play some nin. Last night I ninned for 3 hours.
by 5'11"racer October 7, 2006
An abbreviation for "No its not"
Sheneiqua - "Yah it is, ho"
Lafonda - "Nin, bitch"
by #lucasworldproblems November 10, 2014
slang for no or not, also known as ninskis
Hey Harold, you got any money? all out til' next paycheck...nin to the dough, thats pretty rough.
by Alexa March 26, 2005
short for neck-chin, it is used to described the act of an obese, german prostitute getting overexcited while in the presence of ice cream, causing her to have a heartattack on the floor, which from a precise angle, gives the appearance of the chin becoming one with the neck.
dude, so i was feeling kinda lonely last night, so i called my hoe, but the only problem was, the fact that she started to nin right in the middle of it all.
by mosarrrrisawang May 29, 2006