31 definitions by Mugwump

A car customised for the purposes of performing intercouse within.Or just a car that is mainly used for that purpose.
"I'd better make sure there's no cax lying around in the SHAGWAGON my Mrs's'll kill me."
by Mugwump November 11, 2004
A person who poses as right thinking and peace loving but who is inflexible in their views and intolerant of those whose opinions differ to their own.
They may be politically motivated but use their ideological position to justify their own egotistical acts of aggression and violence.
Pseudo hippie cults which pose as spiritual for the purpose of obtaining money or power are RAINBOW NAZI in ethos.
Extremist groups with a leftist bent are also RAINBOW NAZI.
by Mugwump November 11, 2004
A casual dresser,someone who wears casual clothes.Was in use more in the 70s 80s.
They drove ford cortinas or capris,and lived a straight life.
Look at that tosser kevin,he's such a smoothie.
by Mugwump November 16, 2004
The same as MOUTHY.When someone talks too much,too loudly, or uses boastful or slanderous talk then they are GOBBY or GOBBING OFF.
"That GOBBY cunt,I told him to stop GOBBING OFF about me but in the end I had to twat him.
by Mugwump November 13, 2004
A derogatory term used to describe those who participate in anal sex.
"I ain't going in that pub,it's full of fudgenudgers."
by Mugwump November 11, 2004
The testicles.Originates from cockney rhyming slang.NIAGRA FALLS =BALLS.
"The cunt came at me so I kicked him in the NIAGRAS."
by Mugwump November 11, 2004
West indian.Presumably what one exclaims after inhaling the contents of a rastafarians bong.
by Mugwump November 11, 2004