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Penis. See also to dip ones stick.
I saw his dipstick in the moonlight and my word did I get a fright. And that on a saturday night !
by muffindamule October 06, 2006

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A johnny or johny is a term used to describe a condom.
I will only let you dip your stick if you use a johnny.
by muffindamule October 05, 2006

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People who think they hate jews but in reality do not even know what a jew is. Also notorious for their dislike of people with a skin colour not matching their own. The average neonazi has an IQ invertly proportional to their boot size and a penis to match.
Oh shit, I've failed to graduate in the University of Life. I'm a plain and simple dumbhead. I think I'll become a neonazi so people will have to respect me !
by Muffindamule October 01, 2006

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Dirty,filthy,unclean. Truly grotty.
That shirt you are wearing is absolutely honking !
by muffindamule October 05, 2006

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To elect for early retirement from a police force or other civil service (often on health grounds) rather than wait for the results of a disciplinary hearing likely to have a detrimental effect on ones career prospects. Plodrodgering was particularly prevalent in the British Met. Police in the mid 1990s but has become less so recently following a government clampdown.
Do you think that incompetent berk will get the boot after the hearing Noddy ?
No Chief, I wouldn't be surprised if he hasn't already decided on plodrodgering !
by muffindamule October 24, 2006

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The female genitalia.
The hair round her dickie dido hang down to her knees !
by Muffindamule October 01, 2006

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To ram it in Sanet means to make love to a goat on the Spanish Costa Blanca (WanKa).
Ramit in Sanet and I'll bet you'll never forget it
by Muffindamule October 02, 2006

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