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Bobby thumbed a diesel down just before it rained.
by Mr. Marino March 30, 2021
A type of Corsair computer which is really small but happens to have really good specs for the size. It is typically 1/2-1/4 the size of a normal pc
"Wow! that Corsair is really good"

"It must be hard for them to put all those parts into a Corsair One casing!"
by Mr. Marino March 30, 2021
A nickname of Waylon Jennings.

Hank Williams Jr gave Waylon that nickname and it means "Old Number One" in Japanese.

He gave it to him after the recorded "The Conversation" because it was Waylon's way of telling Hank it was okay to sing his daddy's songs. It was at the same time that Waylon took him out on the road with him because Hank Jr was at a low point.
Well, if he was here right now Bocephus
Would he think that we were right?
Do you think he might?
Don't you know he would Watasha
Be right here by our side
by Mr. Marino March 30, 2021
Nicknamed Francis "The Predator" Ngannou, An MMA fighter who ran through the UFC Heavyweight division like a train through a row of cars. He went through a lot to make it out of Cameroon, Africa, to become the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion. He made his UFC debut on December 19th, 2015 after only starting training MMA in November 2013. He could possibly become the greatest heavyweight to ever touch the UFC since its start in 1993
"If Francis Ngannou chooses to improve his boxing style a little bit he could be the next Mike Tyson!"
by Mr. Marino March 30, 2021
A fighter in the UFC whos wrestling has shown to be above nearly everyone he comes in contact with in his fights. Khamzat has sparked controversy with how fast he moved up the rankings. People like Chael Sonnen & Dana White are extremely interested in him. Whether one likes him or not, he has shown to be a very interesting fighter in the UFC.
"Damn! Khamzat is winning fights without even getting punched!"

"I'm close. You know the topic, Khamzat Chimaev"- Chael Sonnen The undefeated & undisputed
by Mr. Marino January 21, 2022
An elementary school in Federal Way, Washington. A school that is a split level and has a large field and playground in the back. The school averages about 380 students and serves as a PK-5. The minority enrollment is usually between 60-70 percent which is pretty good country-wise but may be low for the area of federal way which is extremely diverse. The student-teacher ratio is 16:1 which is better than that of the district. The student population is usually around 50-55 percent female and 45-50 percent male. The school averages around 24 full-time teachers 1 full-time school counselor.
wow! Green Gables Elementary has been helping my kids reading skills a lot lately.

Why does Green Gables keep getting called Green Gayballs by the kids? I don't get it?
by Mr. Marino March 30, 2021
Illahee is a school in Federal Way, Washington. The school was made in the late 70s and was Decatur High School before it turned into Illahee. The school some teachers that just don't give a care, and if they do, they only do for a few years then they start to think they are wasting their life. Some teachers have been there for 30+ years who are actually really cool and are people you will remember for the rest of your life. People like Tom Eilertson, Frank Wood, Randy Kemman, and Carrie Heck just to name a few. Illahee's student population fluctuates around 800-850 people and serves as a 5-8. The school has a minority student enrollment which fluctuates between 75-83% which is extremely high if compared to schools around the country
Illahee Middle School- an average to below-average school for academics and a top percentage school for sports
"How is Illahee always #1 in track and wrestling? I just don't know how they do it!"

"Illahee sucks, someone decides to pull the fire alarm at least once a month!"
by Mr. Marino March 30, 2021