President of the the # 1 Mixed Martial Company in the world, the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

He is considered by many to be a genius, as he took a company that was basically going down the toilet and turned it into a billion dollar business.

Many consider him to be a douchebag, because of his tough guy attitude while having a unisex (girly at least) name.

Dana is characterized by his love for profane laced tirades and his ambition of destroying anyone who doesn't go along with his ways. He single handedly annihilated many of his competitors such as EliteXC and Pride Fighting Championship, for example.

Loves to use the words "shit, fuck, motherfucker, fucking retarted and fuck you".

He also hates Tito Ortiz.
Dana White :" You fucking dumb bitch, fuck you!"

Dana White: "So you think you want to be a fucking fighter?"

Dana White:" This guy is abso-fucking-lutely fucking retarded."

Dana White:" Tito is a fucking idiot."

Look at fucking douchebag who thinks he's a badass, he must think he's Dana White.
by BadassDude May 24, 2009
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When Dana White gives you the chance to fight for the title without earning it
Tony Ferguson to Michael Chandler:

"You got the shit handed to you, you got Dana White privilege."
Dana White: hahahah
by AlonzoBaba May 13, 2021
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The element of a UFC fight that explains many of the turn of events refs have over a fight. Why some fighters may all of a suddenly be stood up from the ground, early stoppage or how even Dana's favorite fighters may be given the win by decision when they were clearly the loser.
1: Jay- "Dude, how'd Forrest get that win over Rampage?"

John- "It was clearly the Dana White factor"

2: I no longer bet on UFC because of the Dana White factor, it's totally fucked up this sport.

3: Why Fedor won't fight in the UFC
by ManuJedi June 8, 2009
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Having the favor of the boss and this favor can give you undeserving main card features undeserving rankings and undeserving title shots

- As defined from the youtuber TJlovesFights
Dana is trying to give Colby a title shot when he's 2-2 in last 4 and hasn't fought for a year! He totally has Dana White Privilege
by Username2000 May 3, 2023
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