This boi will steal all the hoes and finna fuck yo bitch
Waylon is daddy to all the hoes and is hot asf
by LiLMamiGotANiceClit June 13, 2019
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One of the smartest, most handsome boys you will ever meet. When he walks through a door, everyone's eyes and hearts go immediately in his direction. Waylon will have you in tears laughing at the funny things he says and does. A real pleasure to be around any time of the day. He will take you down if you mess with his family but has a heart of gold. There's just something about those big blue eyes that you just can't get enough of. A lover of animals. One day you'll see this guy on a big music stage. If you ever meet a Waylon, you'll never forget him.
Waylon makes me laugh so hard!
Look how handsome Waylon is!
Waylon's big, blue eyes are gorgeous!
by LiveLaughBeauty September 22, 2017
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A waylon is tall and skinny but not afraid to fight for friends and family and especially his girlfriend kind of guy.A waylon is a sweet caring guy that is shy but once you get to know him he will tell you anything and everything and expects the same from you. A waylon is an athlete that loves baseball,football,basketball,golf,and especially NASCAR.A waylon can fall in love very easy And is very emotional so don't play with his emotions and he will write a

sad love songs to get you back.A waylon is not a book smart person but tries his best in most things but school is not his cup of tea but he will most likely be a painter or construction worker or a plumber.A waylon is not full of money but he is full of love,heart,and care so i suggest if you have a waylon in your life keep him in it as long as possible or you will regret it.
Waylon falls in love then gets his heart broke but then he watches NASCAR .
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The best boyfriend ever and hes so sexy and so hot and always knows how to make his girlfriend happy
Man, he sure is Waylon
by lovebug808 March 4, 2011
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The Godlyist person alive.
"Wow you're a real Waylon!"
by Waylon March 11, 2005
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A Waylon is the guy you want to have as a boyfriend he’s is kind, sweet, and will help who ever needs help. He loves sports but is not the best at then even though he tries his best. He’s also a god at Fortnite, come across him and your sure to die. All and all the best thing about him is his eyes look in to them and you may see the future. If you find a Waylon make sure to keep him
OMG, did Waylon is coming. How do I look?”
by Cody Snipes January 29, 2019
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Pat: Bro, you just saved my life!

Steve: No big deal, I pulled a Waylon.
by BullyDog May 26, 2010
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