A commonly used cigar, that can be bought at almost all convience stores, and is used in rolling blunts. In some areas this is the standard cigar for blunts however it is often a debate of choice between keep movings and phillies. It is sometimes said that it is harder to cut and roll a keep moving than a philly. Almost all the time keep movings are never bought for smoking as is, if you see someone buy one or two you can be sure that they are going to be smoking marijuana. Sometimes, if you are in a convience store and you see someone buying one it is acceptable to exclaim some undesireable/ embarassing comment at the purchaser. However this should be a quick comemment that does not engage a conversation or fully exploit the buyer. It should never be a derogatory comment or something that could merit an ass kicking. If there is a cop in the store then you should not even say a word. Cashiers almost always suspect the smoking of marijuana when one is bought.

Sometimes said as "Keep movin'"
Buyer: " I need 6 keep movings "
Some Dude: "HOLY SHIT! I want to smoke with you"
Buyer " Shh.. I only got a zone"
by Post K man August 20, 2006
A male with the name such as jake would commonly use this term. It is a very wide spread term that has swept across the nation. A term used to help one look into the future for greater things to come.
Person a: my life sucks
Jake: keep moving forward buddy
by Black kitty cat November 10, 2013
Continue forward despite the challenges up ahead.
For us, what has always been at stake is whether we could "keep moving on that stony road", closer to the ideals of our Founders—whether we really could be a country where we are all equal, not only endowed by our Creator with—but in fact living with—the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
by ASHLEY_A0413 December 11, 2020
Phrase used by fucking chaderen yeager against whack marley. Commonly used against battling depression, severe ptsds and much more. #genocide

Chad: I'm depressed too, but I just keep moving forward.
by Lolalalalalalalallaalaljwbwbwb December 9, 2020
A term used when someone says something absolutely irrelevent to what is occuring.
(person 1)- (Man I was smoking a blunt of some purp and that shit had me fucked up.) (person 2)- (Hell yeah! That shit was some fire!) (person 3)- (Hey yo do I got a little dick?) (person 2 and 3)- Keep it moving)
by 1000 November 20, 2006
Continuing forward despite the challenges up ahead.
For us, what has always been at stake is whether we could keep moving on that stony road, closer to the ideals of our Founders.
by ASHLEY_A0413 December 11, 2020