Also known as Felony Way, a bedroom community between Seattle and Tacoma characterized by violent crime, poor schools, and lots of newly constructed low income housing.
Dude...Did you see that another drive by shooting occurred last night in Felony Way?
You are so mean. Federal Way ain't nothin' but a cheap ghetto where I can use my Section 8 vouchers.
by Nafius October 2, 2016
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This is a quaint little establishment based mostly on the import and export of violent criminals and druggies. if you are there at night, you'd better not be white!
man 1: yeah i'm in federal way

by Farmergomezstrikesagain December 11, 2010
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Bedroom community and soul-less suburb in Washington State. Located roughly halfway between Tacoma and Seattle. In 1987, University of Washington scientist Bernard Luchenbach theorized that Federal Way could be the location of the door to the underworld.
"Dude, where you from?"

"Federal Way"

"That sucks."

by Magic 8 Ball August 22, 2008
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A medium sized town in Washington State located next to Tacoma. Basically serves as an edge city to Tacoma due to I-5 running through it. The school district is terrible, although the 4 high-schools and some of the middle schools aren't bad. Decatur HS and Lakota Middle School are very gifted in the arts/music program, winning contests regionally and nationally wide. One of the more diverse schools, but Asians run the ASB and Leadership. Thomas Jefferson HS is the Asian and Mexican hub and is known for their math and robotics team. Federal Way High School and Todd Beamer are more about sports, and have more blacks and Islanders than the other 2 schools mentioned. Thought as one of the more ghetto schools due to constant bomb threats and gangs. The high-schools are named after famous people, with the middle schools being named after fairy tale locations or lakes such as Green Gables and Brigadoon. Due to its suburb feeling there isn't a nightlife, and the only entertaining things to do is the Dash Point State Park, Wild Waves or the Redondo Board Walk. Has your normal city elements such as gangs and hobos but they're found in the poorer parts of the city more. A nice place to live only if you are in Twin Lakes, the Enterprise Area or have a house on the Puget Sound. Worst places to live are by Lake Grove or Olympic View. An average town you should probably skip on a trip unless for Dash Point State Park or Wildwaves.
"How's life like in Federal Way?"
"Boring, it's a pretty average town."
by happymasksalesman July 14, 2016
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A place in the middle of Seattle and Tacoma. Where Federal way highschool is the most loved school and Beamer, TJ, and Decatur are hated. Where every year someone from Decatur dies. Pac highway is like a crack road. Where all the pre-teens think Commons mall is "active". Where the Redondo boardwalk is taking FOREVER to get fixed. and also where rich teens from beamer throw lit parties. Its also getting real bad, where people from bellevue compare Federal way to Tacoma. Also a place where people flex their hondas like its a lambo.
"Hey theres a motel party in federal way"
"Wheres it at?"
"by pac highway."
"yeahhhhh.... how about no."
by uthinkuknowbutudont March 31, 2016
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A ghetto high school in the poor suburban area of Federal way, where 90% of the students are in possession of drugs. the school receives bomb threats weekly, if you go here, you will be shot. don't send you're child here.
'how did you get shot?!
"i went to federal way high school"
by sublimelemon December 5, 2013
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