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the kind of leaf eating, cardigan wearing, lentle munching hippie that thinks that you are satans spawn for owning a car and eating meat.
preaches freedom and tolerance but will not accept any veiws but their own.
usually stoned off their box and stuck in the 60's
if they have a car it will be a 2CV.
they smell of compost.
femail variety usualy called Roz
Road protesters,
most college lecturers,
social workers,
ken livingston
by Mr flibble April 20, 2004

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a town that used to have industry but now just has kebab shops and townies.
stuck right in the middle of the beautiful cheshire countryside like a festering zit.
dont know where Crewe, VA is(see other definition) but dont move to crewe cheshire either.
by Mr Flibble December 26, 2004

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another part of tonys masterplan.
everytime i work at a factory i have to watch some piss poor video telling me not to stick blow torches up my nose.
entirely designed to avoid being sued by the terminaly stupid and fuck all to do with safety.
method statement! i'll give you a method statement. i know how to do the job, you dont, thats why you are paying me to do it.
making me write it out in triplicate will not make me any safer. lets face it you wont understand a fucking word anyway you pen pushing desk pilot bastard.
example: making me wear a hard hat when working in a man lift platform. im the highest thing for 20 miles whats going to fall on my head? bird shit perhapse?
by Mr Flibble December 26, 2004

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posh persons definition of yobbo
caruthers was in such high spirits last night that he knifed 3 commoners
by Mr Flibble April 20, 2004

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A woman that goes beyond bushpig teritory and should really come with a goverment health warning.
A deffinate 10 pinter
example Ann widecome
by Mr flibble April 18, 2004

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townies (and tramps) are responsible for keeping the white lightning cider company in buisness.
townettes (female townies)were born to breed and are very popular when their arse turns purple signifying that they are in season.
A confrontation with a townie will involve them repeatedly saying "c'mon then" while walking quickly (usualy backwards) away from you. one step in their direction will result in them s**tting them selves and making a run for it.
Townies will afiliate themselves with the nearest large city and thierfore in my home town of Crewe they are all desperate to be Mancunians and can often be heard using phrases like "sorted" and "mad fo it". look for the one who has'nt quite got the hang of the accent yet, you will piss yourself laughing.
townie uniform in Crewe is, baseball cap, puffer jacket, blue tracksuit bottoms with a white stripe and poppers down the side (townie pants)bizarely worn with the legs tucked into thier socks and white adidas classic trainers.
they can be found outside shops or on street corners, somtimes huddled around a twatted up B reg vaxhall nova.
it would be funny if they were not going to spend the rest of their lives living off our taxes.
usually called baza, daza, wayne or kevin.
maximum wheight 7 stone piss wet through
job prospects nil
by Mr Flibble April 18, 2004

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people who come to england looking for money. even the most misguided of hippies must realise that you will be lucky if 1 in 1000 is genuine. they have become very adept at using the PC paranoia that is gripping this country to get whatever they want with the magic word "racism"
dont missunderstand me, if i was living in some run down tower block in jabratislavidovia then i would probably be trying it too
"I claim asylum, which way to the DSS office and how do i send for my wife and 8 kids"
by Mr Flibble December 26, 2004

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