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Ahh, the all conservatives are evil approach. nice bit of mass generalisation tolerance boy.
"why cant we all just love each other and be at one with the plannet"
because we are humans, not fucking care bears.
wake up and smell the organic mocca-chino you dickwitt.
"Global warming"
2000 years ago it was warm enough to grow wine grapes in nothern england.
Half of southern england WAS underwater, then the earth cooled for about 1000 years.
the global temperature has been steadily rising again since the 15th century and has actually slowed down since the industrial revolution.
typical eco-nazi arrogance to think we are responsible for the natural cycle of the earth.
What ended the last ice age? I suppose it was woolly mammoths in ford fiestas.

P.S I hope that you checked the electricity powering your computer was generated with a renewable energy source, best turn it off just incase it was'nt.
by Flibble May 31, 2005
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the kind of leaf eating, cardigan wearing, lentle munching hippie that thinks that you are satans spawn for owning a car and eating meat.
preaches freedom and tolerance but will not accept any veiws but their own.
usually stoned off their box and stuck in the 60's
if they have a car it will be a 2CV.
they smell of compost.
femail variety usualy called Roz
Road protesters,
most college lecturers,
social workers,
ken livingston
by Mr flibble April 20, 2004
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Greenpeace or PETA activist. Almost always a rich vegetarian pothead. Long on implausible ideas, short on solutions that work for people that aren't rich, vegetarians, potheads, or all of the above.
"Is that leather armor? Get back here you cow murdering Viking!"

"Fuck off, econazi."
by Rafn May 03, 2005
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A nazi when it comes to being environmentally friendly.
"I just bought all organic cleaners"
"Don't be an econazi!"
by Econazi July 19, 2014
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Nasty right-wing conservativly correct phrase used to slur enviromentalists and the enviromental movement. Usually used by idiots or smug elitist Tory twats (below).
Rightwing shit-head: Damm those hippie commie flag burning eco-nazi's say I shouldn't be able to fly tip toxic waste in that river, what is this Nazi Germany???
by upchuck March 21, 2005
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