11 definition by Mr flibble

a word used by the regular army to describe the T.A
abreiviation of "stupid teritorial army bastards"
also known as the S.A.S.A.S.A.S
(saturdays and sundays and sometimes after school)
look at them stabs, not one of them under 20 stone
by Mr flibble April 20, 2004

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A person from stoke on trent.
So called because one of the main products of the area is pottery.
could of been worse, the other main product is toilets.
I've got nothing against jug heads but I just wish they would stop calling everyone "me duck"
also known as clay heads
by Mr flibble April 18, 2004

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the posh persons definition of thick
tarquin is a bit dyslexic because his family have been inbreeding since the 16th century
by Mr Flibble April 20, 2004

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a beardy jock who thinks that england is persecuting scotland, despite the fact that we have been propping up their shitty little country for years.
big country, population less than london. Hmm yes, I can see how that would be financialy viable
gee us oor independance ya sasanach barstad.
with pleasure, we'll save millions
by Mr Flibble April 20, 2004

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