a town that used to have industry but now just has kebab shops and townies.
stuck right in the middle of the beautiful cheshire countryside like a festering zit.
dont know where Crewe, VA is(see other definition) but dont move to crewe cheshire either.
by Mr Flibble December 27, 2005
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Town in Cheshire. Population 100,000+.

Officially in the top 3 'Most Working Class Towns in England', based on a ratio of people to bookmakers, pubs and kebab shops. Second only to Scunthorpe..

The name is also twinned with a crater on the plant Mars.. Although which was named after which is anybody's guess as I'm sure most people would prefer a 20 mile crater instead of this armpit of a town.
Dave: "I'm going out in Crewe this weekend"

Steve: "We are no longer friends"
by Big Man Barry September 15, 2013
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A large town in the middle of cheshire which has enough peeps living in it it should be a town. Its neighbours are Winsford & Northwhich which also have rubbish football teams although at least Crewe are in league 1, which is a shame because they could do so much better and being from Winsford i have sympothy for them (even though im a Man Utd. fan.)Crewe, Winsford & Northwhich are useless towns though.
Crewe beat Blackpool 5-0. Crewe lost to Manchester United 4-0, Crewe beat Liverpool agin 2-0.
by jack_1994 October 1, 2006
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Crew is like crack. It interferes with your sleep. It destroys your body. It introduces you to totally weird people. It's expensive. It takes you away from the real world and into a fantasy land. You start doing it way too much, as you build up a tolerance. You can't stop. You love it, but you know that you shouldn't. You stick with it, because you have this bizzare idea that life would just not be the same without it.
I can't I have Crew
by gigi louise April 1, 2009
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A bizarre cult centered around the movement of boats across water in straight lines, propelled by the mental force of anywhere from one to eight human, virgin adherents. During the winter months, its disciples rise well earlier than most sane humans for their bizzare sunrise rituals, including self-injury caused by the use of a holy relic known only as an "erg," which strangely resembles a Medieval torture rack, in honour of their victory-god, "Henley", and 18 mile pilgrimage runs to honour the river-god "Nationals", and his mate "Canadian Nationals". The sacred hymns of the Scottish musical duo "The Proclaimers" are played during these rituals.
I am about to be castrated, as part of my initiation into Crew.

For Crew, I had to run 500 miles, now I must row 500 more.
by thecrewfascist April 24, 2009
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crew will wreck your life.

The initiation of a rower's journey begins when they set hands on a boat. You will carry a boat with others like you, and become astounded at how heavy this thing really is.

When all the oars are in, you may row arms only. Seems easy. then the back is added, then the legs. It seems okay. Only as the weeks go by do you realize the enormity of what you have gotten yourself into.

Your hands will bleed and ache and sting; it hurts to pick up a pencil sometimes. You are introduced to the ergometer, erg, or rowing machine- this machine is the finest example of torture in the modern world. Your hands will hurt worse, you will pull harder, you will vomit in trash cans and wobble on jelly legs to your car.

Finally, the hunger. There is no greater hunger than hunger after practice. You will eat anything and everything in sight.

But aside from the general pain, nausea, and discomfort associated with rowing- it will get you fit. You will meet new people that will change your life. You will work harder than you ever have and see results. You will do things that you have never dreamed of. You will fall in love with crew, only it's a weird kind of love. A certain comfort comes from smelling the boathouse on your clothes, stepping off of the erg and into the rainy outdoors, or crossing the finish line with boats behind you.
Rower: I can't, I have crew.
Non-rower: What's crew?
Rower: Rowing
Non-rower: *kayaking motion* I've been kayaking before!
Rower: I don't think you understand.

Cheerleader: I have practice until 5 today! Ugh!
Rower: *low growl*

Coach: Set up the ergs!
Rowers: I can't I broke my body

Mom: I think I made too much pasta
Rower: there is no such thing as too much pasta
by cinderandsmoke October 5, 2012
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A sport which takes up all excess time
I can't hook up with you, I have crew
by Tine March 17, 2005
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