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a town that used to have industry but now just has kebab shops and townies.
stuck right in the middle of the beautiful cheshire countryside like a festering zit.
dont know where Crewe, VA is(see other definition) but dont move to crewe cheshire either.
by Mr Flibble December 26, 2004
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Once at the forefront of the railway industry, Crewe is now the chav capital of the world.
The town also has:
One of the worst performing NHS hospitals
A college catering for chavs doing hairdressing and over 1000 students with Downs syndrome
A live music venue hailed as the UK's center for tribute bands
A nationally acclaimed soccer club for producing violent drunken psychopaths
2 Macdonalds, 1 KFC
And the greatest density of polish immigrants in the country (why the fuck they would want to come to Crewe remains a mystery)
"The cinema in Hanley sucks, wanna go the one in crewe?"
"Are you out of your fucking mind?"
by Anonymous2501 November 09, 2007
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Town in Cheshire. Population 100,000+.

Officially in the top 3 'Most Working Class Towns in England', based on a ratio of people to bookmakers, pubs and kebab shops. Second only to Scunthorpe..

The name is also twinned with a crater on the plant Mars.. Although which was named after which is anybody's guess as I'm sure most people would prefer a 20 mile crater instead of this armpit of a town.
Dave: "I'm going out in Crewe this weekend"

Steve: "We are no longer friends"
by Big Man Barry September 15, 2013
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Crewe a Large town in Cheshire England near Chester
Crewe is a medium sized town in Cheshire in the north west of England, a very working class part of the world, which has had a masive influx of Polish immigrants who are now ten percent of the population,

It has a very important railway junction in the town with direct links to London, Chester, north wales, Liverpool Manchester Glasgow and Birmingham, shrewsbury hereford cardiff and swansea, great place for train spotters.

The town is due for a face lift with plans for a new shopping centre and hotels population approx 70, 000.
by creweman April 27, 2008
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Beautiful town of 111,000 in Cheshire, England
The Alex play at Gresty Road, Crewe, Cheshire
by JΓΊan JosΓ© June 08, 2005
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A large town in the middle of cheshire which has enough peeps living in it it should be a town. Its neighbours are Winsford & Northwhich which also have rubbish football teams although at least Crewe are in league 1, which is a shame because they could do so much better and being from Winsford i have sympothy for them (even though im a Man Utd. fan.)Crewe, Winsford & Northwhich are useless towns though.
Crewe beat Blackpool 5-0. Crewe lost to Manchester United 4-0, Crewe beat Liverpool agin 2-0.
by jack_1994 October 01, 2006
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To mean a team/gang of close friends, who you can rely on in any circumstance.
Me and the rest of the crewe went out today..........
by Grovegricer June 21, 2005
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