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1. a steel or plastic helmet worn to protect one's head from falling objects or debris.

2. a worker who wears a hard hat.
A hard hat is one tool that saves lives.
by Light Joker August 20, 2005
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a helmet that people who work on construction sites wear, so shit doesnt fall on their head and kill them.
Mark: Holy shit Steve! Look out!
*Steve gets owned in the head by a brick*
Mark: Damn son, shoulda had your hard hat on!
by Kast March 31, 2006
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To tuck your erection in the waistline of your pants in order to protect yourself from the embarrassment of a public boner.
John: Why is Joey walking so weird?
Jimmy: Because he's definitely Hard-Hating it right now!
by Dean0530 November 05, 2011
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A thing that protects your head.
I wear a hardhat when i watch tv.
by Dee July 24, 2004
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1. a protective helmet, usually made of plastic worn by workers in places such as construction sites

2. a laborer who's job requires them to wear a hardhat, such as a construction worker
A hardhat is a must-have in professions where debree can cause injury.
by Light Joker October 18, 2006
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V: when a blowjob is given while on a portapotty
After a long day on the job, Hickory Hank recieved a hardhat.
by barbara b March 15, 2005
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