Australian origin.
Derogatory label applied to a particularly unattractive woman. Typically used to describe a woman from a rural area who has an unattractive face, a mullet hairstyle, is of stocky build and dresses in flannelette clothing. Is not necessarily associated with homosexuality.
Most of the women at this years ute muster were bushpigs.
by AlexT83 September 24, 2007
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A word used to describe female that is very fat and ugly. Its literal meaning is that a female resembles a wild boar, a creature that is traditionally thought of as being fat, ugly and dirty.
Macca: Hey Boong you know your girlfriend?
Boong: Yeh?
Macca: She is a bushpig!!!
Boong: I know!!!
by Dave McBoong September 4, 2006
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Bushpig is a horrorcore rapper from Australia.Hes also known as Passenger Of Shit.He goes by Mc Bushpig but,on Suicidal Rap Orgy's debut album he goes by Bushpig.He runs two labels "Shitwank & Butchers Harem.
MC Bushpig~~Butchers Harem
HorrorCore Snuff Porn and Gore death Rap Fetish Pervert Scat Butchers
by ni666ga August 23, 2009
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Any female who is sought for a one night sexual encounter free of charge. Usually a slut, whore, etc.
In a hormonal rage, Jonny said to his friends, "Let's go find some bushpigs!"
by The Bush King August 25, 2005
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A short stocky Australian bull dyke, usually characterised by a gruff voice and mullet.
Shall I chat up that chick at the bar?

Are you kidding that's a Bushpig!
by doesshe June 20, 2007
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To come close to winning, only to fail at the last moment.
An "Also ran" destined to failure, often possessing inferior genitalia, generally of austrailian origin.
Hell's Kitchen: Grand final;
"Well your souffle is divine, in texture, flavour and appearance,but you've burnt the fucking chips and completely bushpigged it"
by Trialsmaster December 17, 2009
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A Male human who loves women with copious amounts of pubic hair
My Friend Steve Loves his girlfriends bush-he's such a bushpig
by Billy Frazier August 29, 2008
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