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The vowel used to pronounce lone consadants like M (euhmmmmm), N (euhnnnnn), and L (euhlllll). The symbol for an "Euh" is a sideways lowercase e.
by MpegEVIL July 13, 2011
Clyde, you were the one that spilled the glass and started this whole filanky!
by MpegEVIL May 4, 2011
A sudden inconvenience.
I'd keep you for detention, but I wouldn't want to put a pishwang like that in your afternoon.
by MpegEVIL May 3, 2011
One who worships mushrooms and other fungi.
Phil: Look at that damajat over there!
Clyde: Yeah! He's praying to those poisonous mushrooms!
by MpegEVIL April 24, 2011
A color made when mixing red and white with less red.
Yed looks a bit like #FF8073 in a web designers color palette.
by MpegEVIL May 3, 2011
Phil: Yay! Tacos for lunch today!
Clyde: I'd hate to crumple your donkey, but they changed today's lunch to creamed spinach.
by MpegEVIL May 12, 2011
Another use of the word "fail."
Clyde: That video sucks!
George: Yeah, I know. It's such a phil.
by MpegEVIL May 3, 2011