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A polite way of saying "I don't want to fuck you."
SHE SAYS: "Oh, Mark and I are just good friends"

SHE MEANS: "I won't touch him - he sickens me"
by Moose July 12, 2004
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A cooking oil used in eastern dishes to add a spiced flavor without using whole, sliced, or dried peppers which can burn.
by Moose September 24, 2003
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The illegitamate offspring of Dougle from The Magic Roundabout and a cow.
(D+C)x X
--------- = Moogle.
by Moose November 17, 2003
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An extremely powerful, noble, and majestic creature that emjoys frolicking in the woods, grazing in fields, and break dancing to old skool hip-hop.
The mighty moose gallops through the woods with great easy.
The moose grazes in the fields as do many of its brethren.
Awwww shit, did you see that moose bust a windmill?
by Moose September 24, 2003
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A huge plant like thing, made of a collection of Flood. many think that this actually controls the flood, but it isn't a fact. Graveminds form when the flood has been released on a planet (in this case Delta Halo)for long enough, and is probably the collective minds of everything that is taken by the flood. the "keyes blob" from the original halo was probably an early gravemind. He tricked John (Master Chief for n00bs) and the Arbitor, and took a ship to High Charity. In the end, he asks the rampant Cortanasome questions. Cortana is such a whore.
"I am a monument to your sins."-GM
by Moose April 24, 2005
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