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loud fart that comes out too quick, sometimes causing pain to the shitter / ringpiece.
eg. 'boy, i just done me an acid quacker and now it looks like i gonna need me some ringpiece stitches. aint that a bitch.'
by mojo7676 January 06, 2005

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an egg, slang for teste (singular) see antay for plural testes
my left anta is bigger than my right anta
ja rule is an anta-less, anta-licking anta-face
by mojo7676 August 27, 2003

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eggs; slang for testes, see anta for singular anta
my antay need a good scrubbing with a wire brush
my bitch likes to lick my antay only with a hint of white pepper sprinkled over them
by mojo7676 August 27, 2003

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Punjabi word for testicle, bollock, knacker etc
'My left tata is a little bit smaller than my right tata' or 'some people only have one tata'
by Mojo7676 August 27, 2003

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