A term used in place of bro, brochahco, brah, dude, man and so much more. Usually used when person wants to be hip, cool, unique, and a trend setter.
Person 1 : "Hey can you grab me my toothbrush?"

Person 2 : "Oh yeah, fer sure dertie!!!"

Person 1 : "Dertie?...Oh you're so trendy!!!"
by smallneckedgiraffe March 17, 2011
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1.The many acts of nasty adultery with multiple women in frequent occurance.

2.Lifestyle in which you embody and practice the aforementioned daily.
After much consideration, pulling The Derty seems like the optimal choice.
by Sleaz-E March 05, 2011
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1a. a crooked ass cop who steals
1b. place's evidance againgst you to frame you,
Watch out the derties are coming this way.
by phile1.scla May 20, 2003
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A word you use to describe a good friend. Just like calling someone dude or homie.
Hey what's up, dertie?
by captainplanet69 May 26, 2011
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old alias of Proof from D12, probably one of the best groups in rap history, RIP BUGZ
by KonArtis September 12, 2004
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"Hey bro I did a Derty Keven when i went to go vote today, i totally nutted all over the ballot".
by BusterHymenöpen November 07, 2018
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