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A genre of rock incorporating unusual and often times several time signatures into its songs, which tend to be relatively long, sometimes lasting well over twenty to even fourty minutes.
Dream Theater, Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd
by H22S May 23, 2005
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Greatly under-aprreciated form of art. Adds elements of jazz, classical and avant-grade forms of music to come up with something new and original.
Dude that Yes band kicks immeasurable amounts of ass.

Dream Theatre are gods.

Frank Zappa is one fo the few musical genious' of our time.
by Mr. T December 15, 2003
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(Prog Rock for short)

A genre of music (60's to current) who's heyday occurred in the 1970's.

Known for -
1. Breaking the limits of the "4-minute pop song" by creating "epics" that could last between 7 - 30 minutes long! (Close to The Edge / Supper's Ready / Karn Evil 9)

2. Blending various genres, most commonly jazz and classical, into Rock music (Yes, King Crimson, Frank Zappa)

3. Using instruments uncommon to Rock music (flute, chimes, synthesizers)

4. Using odd time signatures (21st Cent. Schizoid Man - 6/8 / Money - 7/8)

5. Creating longwinded stories or concepts using both music and lyrics to represent it (The Wall / Scenes From a Memory / Dark Side of the Moon)

The genre "progresses" music to try to evolve it into something more engaging than simply something to dance or sing-a-long or jam to.

While arguable, the first Prog band is technically believed by Prog fans to be the Beatles. However, the first band to play in the current sense of the word was King Crimson.

Although most bands in the genre came from the UK, many came from the US (Frank Zappa / Dream Theatre), Canada (Rush), Germany (Van Der Graaf Generator), and more (Iceland - Sigur Ros).

Prog Rock and Metal are both considered to be "guy" bands, and contrary to popular belief, they are not meant to be listened to alone, rather it's just hard to find another prog fan near you these days.
Only 20 minutes long? Woah, that's one short Progressive Rock song...
by prog_head September 07, 2006
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a form of rock developed in the late sixties that incorporates classical and jazz music elements. in the 70's-80's, it became extremely technical with such bands a Dream Theater. Some of the "epics" of progressive rock are over half an hour long. most guitarists who attempt to play these cry at the site of 40 pages of music and sell there instrument on ebay. progressive rock should not be attempted by the "newb" guitarist.
dream theater is progressive rock, a very technical type.
by shredhead77 December 31, 2010
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1. A form of rock that adds elements of jazz and clasical to create long, inspiring kick-ass rock symphonies.
2. Sub Genre of rock Played by Genesis, ELP, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, and best of all, the prog rock band, the most underrated and awe-inspiring band of all time, the one filled to bursting with talent and creativity: Yes!
3.Yes' Close To The Edge and Pink Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon are the best progressive rock albums of all time. If u have ears, hate pop, and have a brain, and possibly acess to drugs, pick them the f**K up!!!!!!!
1. The Gates Of Delerium is a Progressive Rock song
2. Yes owns progressive rock.
3. Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here and Yes' Relayer or Fragile rock too!
by ye'olde YESHEAD!!! November 29, 2003
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Sub-genre of rock also known in short as "prog".

It relies as much on complex, painstakingly composed and arranged structures that rival classical music (Gentle Giant, BMS, Yezda Urfa), as on improvisation that rivals jazz (VDGG, Soft Machine, ELP). It may employ any device to boost its quality (unusual instruments, elements from other genres, non-standard structures), as it is a genre essentially associated with musical freedom. Prog pieces often extend beyond a 5 minute limit, though it is not always the case (Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull).

Its primordial purpose was to bring much-needed credibility to rock'n'roll, while unifying the different realms of "good music" and exploiting its potential to the fullest. Sadly, it has drawn a large amount of snobbish minions in the process.

It thrived in the 70s, after which many of its most brilliant exponents, even Pink Floyd or ELP, not to mention Gentle Giant, just started getting it wrong. It was no longer progressive rock, but a kind of "tired uninspired unchallenging get-with-the-times-old-man sing-along" rock.

Additional Note: Male prog fans who believe this is not a genre enjoyed by those loosely referred to as "girls" need to be more "progressive" so as not to shame their kind. They are suggested to start by not making gratuitous generalizations, and realizing they're looking for female companionship in the wrong place.

P.S.: I'm not even a feminist but that's just lame.
Genesis is one of the many progressive rock groups that have tarnished their legacy by going top 40.

A progressive rock fan should know better than to think like an emo kid.

Me and my girls like progressive rock: we shake our booties to "21st Century Schizoid Man" and sway with the fellas to "Shine on You Crazy Diamond".
by prog-loving GIRL May 10, 2009
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