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A white, Middle-American mom who attends Trump rallies, spews Trump hate, publicly identifies with the MAGA crowd, but also covertly cheats on her white husband with Black men.
Tristan: Man, Trent's mom is really pulling for Trump, she must have been around town planting signs all month.

Keith: Ya, it looks like that, but from what I hear, she is more of a MAGA in The Front, Kamala In The Back type mom, is what I have heard from my friends on the football team.

Tristan: Totally makes sense, Trent's dad is always out of town and she DOES cheer pretty hard for the High School football team, even though Trent is 25 now.
by Mike109999 January 16, 2021
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When you are invited to be in the wedding party of a childhood friend that you have not talked to in many years.
Frank: Ugh, I cant go to the game that weekend, I have a wedding in Idaho.

Colin: What? Who lives in Idaho?

Frank: Childhood friend I haven't talked to in 19 years, and I got the Lifetime Achievement Award Invite.

Colin: UGH, that's $3k in flights, hotels, tuxes, and gifts you'll never see back, AND you have to act like you are still friends, like you will be in touch in a week or something.

Frank: Preach. Like, we aren't even on any group texts together.
by Mike109999 May 3, 2022
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It is said with a rhetorical tone to overstate its emphasis, but also in total seriousness because the situation calls for a cold, figurative slap in the face.

If an eye roll was a vocal expression and not a sigh, this would be it.
Eldee: Ok, so happy hour at BP is from 3-6, wings, mini pizzas, and ceasers. I made a reso for right in front of the big screen, the fights start at 7.

Colleen: There's a really cutesy and ironic place on the Lower East Side that has fantastic arugula salad, and the rosee comes in fair trade mason jars!

Eldee: Guys, What Are We Doing Here?!
by Mike109999 February 17, 2022
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The cooler, more assertive way to say you are doing house chores.
Yurks: What are your plans today?

Ignacio: Staying home, I Run This Mother.

Yurks: Ya, I did laundry and scrubbed the bathroom yesterday.
by Mike109999 June 27, 2022
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When someone keeps a big job predominantly for how they look and for the perception of it being a good fit, as opposed to *actually being good*, he HAS to do all the little aesthetic things to compensate for being terrible.
Yurk: Ugh, my team has had the same shitty GM for 7 years, and we suck so bad. Why haven't they fired him yet?

LD: Well, obviously White Collar Steroids, but mostly he LOOKS the part and probably works the boardroom.

Yukr: Ugh, Ya, he for sure smells amazing, too.
by Mike109999 March 4, 2022
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When a Non-Jewish person needs a professional service from a Jewish person. Could be used by the acronym HAYH, or as the conjugation demands.
Spencer: I need your help, I know you're good at accounting. Could I call you later this week to look at my company's books?

Joshua: For sure, Holler at Your Hebrew.

PJ: Thanks, I'll HAMH later today to set up a time.
by Mike109999 May 5, 2022
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Business version of Holler Back Girl. To get what you want, all you have to do is ask.
Luke: Hey how much did your company for those Olympic TV Rights?

Caleb: Whoa whoa whoa, we are NOT a Holler Back Company, we don't just give that info away.
by Mike109999 February 8, 2022
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